Day: August 1, 2022

Measuring Mass

Today for maths we were measuring items. We had 3 rotations. The people in my group are Lili-may, Aaron, Toa and Swaimah (me). We went to the first rotations. For the first rotation we did weighting the items. I measured a box of foldback clips, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a book. Then we moved on to the 3rd rotation. On the 3rd rotation we had to measure water with containers and measuring cups. I measured 2 containers. First this small circle container then this car-broad long container. It got messer with the water. Next we went to the 2nd rotation. We had to measure water with measuring teaspoons. I measured 3 items. This is the slide.


What makes good writing?

Today i will tell you what makes good writing. Good writing needs punctuations and personification. You  really need punctuations to make your writing interesting. You need verbs, similes, hyperbole and ideas. you really need a introduction, middle and concluetion. This is a paper sheet that me and my group did.