Day: September 19, 2022

Mana Ako Club – Ōtara Trip

Last Thursday me and Mana Ako club  went to Ōtara fresh art gallery. If I had to rate it out of 5 stars I would highly recommend 5 stars because I think Ōtara fresh art gallery is a good place to go for a little class trip or a family visit. The 2 workers who kindly helped us were Dema and Racheal. The exhibition was called “My Dream Called Sike”. The theme was “sleep/sleeping”

My favourite part of the trip was a digital video is called ” Grey Goose” by Tai Nimo. The video was a pink cute bear that has emotions like us and can feel all different feelings and movements when we fall asleep. The teddy bear was there because when we go to sleep majority of us humans have a teddy bear right next to us just incase we get scared and we can hug the bear so we feel safe. The teddy bear represented a theme “sleep”. Everybody has nightmares so when you have a bear you can hug it like its your friend or parents. The teddy bear reminds me of my little sister because she had a little white bear named Hannah, everyday my little sister will go and hug her all the time.  

Thank you very much Dema and Racheal for having us and providing all the nice activities. We really appreciate your hard work and all you have done for us. I really want to give you guys a really big thank you. I really enjoyed the activity you made for us and i really like all of the nice art works. Thank you very much.