Muslim Celebration – Step it up – Poster


Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Muslims celebration. I had to make a poster to do with my celebration so I did Eid. I tried to make it look nice and simple and this is the best I could do. I hope you bloggers really like this task. Thank you very much Mrs Tele’a for making this task for us students so we can have time to look at each others celebrations.

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Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Muslim Celebration – Step it up – Poster

  1. Simple yet elegant. I think you’ve done a great job Swaimah. Are the colours symbolic or did you just like the green? Either way it looks great! Keep up the awesome work on the Summer Learning Journey, you’re doing great!
    – Mr Goodwin

    1. Talofa, Mr Goodwin. Well, I did green because our islamic symbol has a moon and star that is the colour green. I alway searched up on google and there was a lot of gold and green. I picked green because it suited the poster very well.

      Thanks Swaimah

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