Re-creating Portraits – Step it up!

I think this challenge is really popular because, everyone gets to have some time to go grab some equipment and clothing to make a really famous person. I picked the girl with the pearl earring. The girl with the pearl earring is really famous because, It became iconic for the distinct position of the girl, her enigmatic gaze, the colors and the delicate quality of the light. 

I love this challenge because, it gives me some time to look at famous portraits and yet to know more about the artist and the person in the picture. Its also so cool to look at famous portraits you have never seen before because, every painting is made by a different artist and different art skills. 

Thank you very much Metdavidc for making this task so we all can get creative and active. I really enjoyed doing this task a lot because, I had free time and I didn’t have anything to do. 

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Thank you!

One thought on “Re-creating Portraits – Step it up!

  1. Hi again Swaimah,

    Firstly I’m sorry I got your name wrong in my previous comment.

    I enjoyed reading your reflection. You are right it seems that a lot of people have really enjoyed this task. I thought it was such a great idea and wished I had thought of it. It seems as you say a neat way to engage with different artists. What was the stand out fact that you learnt when looking into these portraits? Why did you pick ‘girl with a pear earring’?

    Ngā mihi

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