Grand Designs – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Grand Designs – Kick Start! I had to create my dream summer house. i was creative and did this nice big Mansion! I’ve always dreamed of living in a big mansion like this drawing I did. It has at least 10 bedrooms, 4 kitchens, 15 bathrooms. It’s a 3 story house. Thank you very much Vicki Archer for making this task because, I’m in love with art and customizing stuff! I hope I win the big giant coloring box. I also used an app called Kleki.

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Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Grand Designs – Kick Start

  1. Hi again Swaimah,

    You have excellent taste in mansions 🙂

    I opened Kleki – I had never used or heard of it before. I found it very tricky to use. I’m impressed with what you have done in your image.

    What is it about a mansion that you like? Where do you want your mansion?


    1. Talofa lava Theresa. What I like about a mansion is that theres lots of space, so that means I can bring my family and friends to live with me or come over.

      I want my mansion in Dubai Because I’m in love with Dubai, And I can go to see my Teacher Miss Hall.

      Thanks Swaimah

      1. Swaimah that is fabulous what a great way to have everyone together.

        For me I would like a big piece of land with different homes and then I could have all my family and my own place too. I actually live next door to my brother believe it or not.

        Do you imagine any problems with living so close to family and friends?

          1. ahh okay I hadn’t thought of that . What do you like about the friends you have in your life today?

  2. What I like about my best friends Zaria and Vika is that they’re always there for me. They are very caring and polite. They share with me and stand up for me

    Thanks Swaimah

    1. They sound like awesome friends to have! It’s great to have friends who support us. Are you going to spend some time with your best friends these school holidays?


      1. Well maybe not because they live far away but I am going to visit family members around New Zealand. Do you have any good friends?

        Thanks Swaimah

        1. Oh thats a shame! Maybe you could email them or even call?
          Visiting family around New Zealand sounds like a great time! Will you go to the beach? What will you do? Where in New Zealand are they?
          I have a few good friends! I had lunch with one yesterday which was really nice!

          Theresa 🙂

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