My Summer Tiki Tour – Step it up!


Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did My Summer Tiki tour – Step It Up! It was really fun looking at different places on the google earth. I really enjoyed this task because my cousin came over and helped me with this activity. I hope you bloggers and Summer Learning journey staff don’t might my cousin helping me in my Task.


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Thank you!

2 thoughts on “My Summer Tiki Tour – Step it up!

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    I have sent you a request to access your work – I look forward to seeing what you and your cousin have done.


  2. Thank you Swaimah,

    You both did a great job narrating your tour and included lots of interesting information. One thing to note next time you are making a video is just to check what is in the screen. The Bay of Island photo stayed on the screen for the rest of your tour. This is just something very small but something that you could look out for next time to enhance the overall quality of your presentation.

    I like that you both took your time to tell us about your tour. Neither of you spoke to fast and I could clearly understand everything.

    Thanks for sharing

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