One Line Art – Step it up!

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did  One Line Art – Step it up! it was really fun mucking around with the different lines and making different shapes. All of a sudden I was like “Let’s do some stuff to do with nature. So I picked a butterfly, earth, flower and a leaf. Thank you very much Amie Williams for making this task because I am really good at art and really happy that there is some work to do with art! I really hope I win the big coloring set!

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2 thoughts on “One Line Art – Step it up!

  1. Swaimah,

    Your lines are beautiful – I particularly like the leaf and its shape. It feels like it could be anything but still very obviously a leaf. Beautiful. I love when a piece of art makes you want to keep looking back and that is how I feel about your line drawings. I don’t know if it was intentional but your earth also looks like it has a face in it 👏 outstanding.

    Nga mihi

    1. Salam Theresa. Yes I do see the face on my earth. That means I made one piece of art into 2 pieces of art. I really like art because I like adding texture in the blank spaces. That’s why I added 4 instead of 1 picture. I really hope I win the Art coloring big set.

      Thanks Swaimah

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