Art For Arts Sake – Step It up

Today for the Summer learning journey I did Art For Arts Sake – Step it up. It was really fun because I got to add color to the background and mess around with my drawing. The reason why i get to use color is because I get to add any color cause Vicki said i’m allowed to. Thank you very much Vicki Archer for making the task awesome.

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One thought on “Art For Arts Sake – Step It up

  1. Another great job Swaimah. You are very creative! Whaea Annie is the teacher who created this task, I’ll see if I can get her to visit your post. She is also a creative artist like yourself. Maybe we could lead our Mana Ako Club through this artwork process, it would be fun! Keep going Swaimah, this all help you enjoy your holidays AND be ready for year 8 in 2023. Tino pai to mahi!

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