Cool Characters! – Kick Start

Today for the Summer learning journey I did Cool Characters! – Kick Start. It was fun getting all of my materials and tools to make this piece of art!  I love the art I have made. I wanted to be creative and added extra details. Thank you very much Amie Williams for making this beautiful art task. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Cool Characters! – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,
    This is a great example of a Cool Characters style artwork that you’ve found and it could be a really great inspiration for making your own. The SLJ team wants to see your own work posted to your blog. It is fine if you use work from other creators to supplement your own work in your blog posts, however, the work of other creators should always be referenced. That means you need to add where you found it by copying the url of the website and adding the name of the original author. Watch a short video with advice on is how to do this for an image here.
    Once you have completed this task yourself and designed your own cool characters, then the SLJ team will give you the points for the activity.
    Mā te wā – I can’t wait to see your other posts over the summer.

    Emma (SLJ)

  2. Hi Swaimah,

    Your creation is beautiful and unique. I love how you have scattered the petals around it as well as adding shoes and even hair using the leaves. What a great idea!

    Have you ever tried pressing flowers, either with a flower press or in a book?
    This could make your artwork last forever!

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah,

    Emma – SLJ

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