Poetry Slam – Toru – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Poetry Slam – Toru – Kick Start. I had to write a letter to something than someone. I did it to Mosques because, are really special to me and my family. Mosques are basically a church but for Muslims. I am really grateful for the Mosques around the world because we can have a time to worship God. Thank you very much Phil for making this wonderful and Amazing task.

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Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Poetry Slam – Toru – Kick Start

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    What a great choice for you poem, a place that is very special to you! It was very interesting reading your information about what a Mosque is, I didn’t know that they could also be outside open spaces too.

    Your poem shows just how meaningful a Mosque is to you. A powerful poem!
    Did you enjoy writing this poem?

    Thank you for sharing Swaimah,

    Emma – SLJ

    1. Hey Emma! Answering your question, Yes I really enjoyed writing this poem because, I get to share my culture with others and not just write a poem to like, my house, school, countries, cities, E.t.c. I really enjoyed it too!

      Thanks Swaimah

      1. Thats awesome to hear Swaimah!

        Now that your have written a poem to Mosques is there another part of your culture that you would dedicate a poem to? Maybe a special place or event?

        Emma -SLJ

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