Tangram Tangles – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Tangram Tangles – Kick Start. It was really fun using the Tangram builder. I was supposed to make something to do with summer so I tried, My best and thinked really hard but I just chose to do a tree. I choosed a tree because,  a lot of people go to picnics and sit under trees. Thank you very much Vicki Archer for making this task.

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Thank you!

One thought on “Tangram Tangles – Kick Start

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    A great idea to make a tree! It looks even more summery with all the bright colours.
    My favourite thing to do in the summer time is taking a picnic to the park, especially under the shade of a big tree. What do you like to do in the summer time?

    It also remind me of a kite blowing in the breeze on a hot summers day!
    Did you enjoy using the tangram tool? I look forward to seeing how you change the colours and what background you choose for the next part of the task.

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah.

    Emma – SLJ

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