Poetry Slam – Wha – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Poetry Slam – Wha – Kick Start. It was really fun going through the Newspaper looking for words I want to keep for my poem. I was really happy for the poem I made. They wasn’t that much words in the Newspaper. There were only like the simple words. Sorry But i didn’t have any newspaper so I got this picture from google and I used Kleki to highlight the words. Thank you very much Matua Dave for this awesome task!

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One thought on “Poetry Slam – Wha – Kick Start

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    This looks like a fun task and a great way to make use of old newspapers. Using this online tool to blackout the words is a great idea if you don’t have any newspapers to use.

    I wonder if you could continue your poem by using an article from an online newspaper too? It sounds like a great start to a very mysterious poem. What were you thinking about when you chose to highlight these words?

    I think if I was going to do this task I would think of a topic I am interested in and search for an article about that. I like to read articles about animal conservation as I care a lot about saving animals. Do you have anythings in particular you like to read about?

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah

    Emma – SLJ

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