Hundertwasser Art – Kick start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey Hundertwasser Art – Kick start. I really love doing art so much that I had to do this task. I really hope you guys love my drawing and hope nobody hates it. I enjoyed this task very much because, I love learning no types of arts and enjoy doing new things. Thank you very much Donna yates for making this incredible task.

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Thank you!

One thought on “Hundertwasser Art – Kick start

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey.
    You have done a brilliant job at replicating the vibrant colours and style of this Hundertwasser art piece. I love his style of paintings because they are very imaginative and fun. They remind me a lot of the illustrations from Dr.Seuss books. Have you read many of those?

    Do you think that now you have experienced this style of art you will take more inspiration form it for your future artwork? It has inspired me to start using more colours and funky shapes within my paintings.

    Thanks for sharing an awesome post Swaimah.

    Emma -SLJ

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