Obstacle Course – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Obstacle Course – Kick Start. it was really easy making this animation because, It took only 46 slides. I was supposed to do it in real life outside or inside but I wasn’t allowed. Outside was raining and inside my little sister was sleeping. I thought it be cool if I did an animation instead. Thank you very much Sharon Spragg for this wonderful Task.

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One thought on “Obstacle Course – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah!

    I’ve left a comment on your other obstacle course animation too! I really like both of them. They are so creative and unique!

    If you were going to make an obstacle course at your house, what would you use to make it? Cushions? Chairs? Hoops?

    What would be the dream obstacle course? Maybe some monkey bars? I loved those when i was a kid!!! Oh and surely you’d finish with a slide!!!

    Talk soon
    Theresa 🙂

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