Learn a Different Language – Kick Start

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Learn a Different Language – Kick Start. It was really fun playing the memory game and learning the vowels in New Zealand Sign Language. Thank you very much Janine for making this awesome task.

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One thought on “Learn a Different Language – Kick Start

  1. Mōrena Swaimah,

    It’s Charlotte again, a blog commenter for Manaiakalani. What a fantastic job you have done on this task!

    I think this activity is awesome! Personally, I find learning New Zealand sign language quite hard so I was really grateful to practice with this activity! Had you tried out New Zealand Sign Language before this activity? What is the most memorable sign you learnt?

    You have attached Mrs Bava’s instructional video to your blog post instead of a screenshot of your finished activity. I’d like you to get the points you deserve for your work on this post, could you please edit this and add in a screenshot of your finished work! Let me know when you have done this and I’ll check it out!

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

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