Nano girl – Super Gravity

Today for the SLJ I did Nano girl – Super Gravity. It was really fun making this cool little experiment with a cup of water and cardboard paper. Thanks all to Nano girl for always doing fun science projects with us students. Thank you very much Fiona Grant and Nano girl for this FANTASTIC task.

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One thought on “Nano girl – Super Gravity

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    It’s Emma here again from the Summer Learning Journey.

    This looks like super fun activity. I had no idea that the piece of cardboard would be able to hold the water in with the pressure created. I’m glad you had the tub underneath to catch any leaking water though! I wonder if you could do this experiment with different size and shape cups and if it would still work?

    Are you going to give the step it up part of this activity a go? You might have to do it outside in case any water goes flying across the room!

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah.

    Emma – SLJ

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