Food-Art Wordplay – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ I did Food-Art Wordplay – Kick Start. it was really fun customizing this carrot and making it speak. The carrot has a little note for us humans. I wonder what it says, Would you read it? I think I will. Thank you very much Naomi Rosedale for this task.

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2 thoughts on “Food-Art Wordplay – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah!

    Thanks for completing another SUmmer learning Journey Task! You have really been working hard these holidays! Have you been enjoying completing the tasks?

    I love the bright colours and animation you have used in this image. And i’m glad the carrot is giving us humans some good advice! Carrots are super healthy for us! Do you like eating carrots?
    I love carrots, but I especially love them with hummus!

    I noticed that your picture doesn’;t include any puns. Remember that the task asked us to create a vegetable pun (like a play on words/a word with two meanings that sounds similar). If you need help with this let me know! But it would be awesome to see you try to create a vegetable pun for this little carrot!

    Talk soon,

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