Geometry Art – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ I did Geometry Art – Kick Start. It was really easy because, I did this task with colorful papers and a black sharpie. I didn’t really have a alot of colors because I didn’t have any colors at all. Thank you very much David C for making this task.

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2 thoughts on “Geometry Art – Kick Start

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    It’s Emma here again from the Summer Learning Journey.

    This task looks like a lot of fun, something I have never thought about until now is how much we tend to use our knowledge of maths when creating art. Especially when it involves using shapes and measurement. I think this is where the main challenge comes from with this activity.

    I love the colours you have added to this example of what your geometry art could look like. I think they are a great combination to use within your own geometry artwork as they are very striking and vibrant. The main goal of this task was for you to challenge yourself to put together all these shapes yourself, then adding your own twist with a range of colours.

    I would love to see you creating your own geometry art by following this pattern or even creating a new layout entirely, I’m sure you will come up with something brilliant. Once you have done so the SLJ team can attribute your points for completing this activity. Check out this example for inspiration from one of your fellow bloggers who chose to do this task on paper!

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah, I look forward to seeing your awesome creation!

    Emma – SLJ

  2. Hi Swaimah,

    It’s Emma here again, I can see that you have updated you post and created some absolutely awesome geometry art. Ka Pai!

    Your artwork looks like it has just the right amount of colour. The pastel pink, green and yellow really stand out against the black sharpie you have used and create great contrast in your artwork. Meaning that because there is a mixture of dark and light colours, it makes it very eye-catching and vibrant.

    Your geometry art would make an awesome front cover for your maths book at school, what do you think?

    Did you find this task challenged your maths thinking? I think I’m going to give this activity a go myself and would love to know if you have any tips for me?

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah,

    Emma – SLJ

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