Amazing Kuaka – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ  I did Amazing Kuaka – Kick Start. It was really fun learning new facts about Kuaka. Kuaka is such a cool animal. They fly really far a don’t even take a BREAK! I’m very impressed. Thank you very much Maria Krasse for this beautiful task.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Kuaka – Kick Start

  1. Mōrena Swaimah,

    It’s Charlotte again, a blog commenter for Manaiakalani. What a fantastic job you have done on this task!

    I think this task is awesome as I love animals and really enjoy learning more about them! Aren’t the Kuaka amazing? I learnt so much about them from reading your blog post – Ka Pai! What was your favourite fact that you have learnt about the Kuaka?

    I noticed that you included buttons on your slideshow and take you to another slide when you click on them – this is fantastic! I would love to learn how to do this, could you let me know how?

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

  2. Kia ora Swaimah,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the task. I agree the Kuaka are cool animals.
    Have you ever seen one? I know when I lived in Auckland, we were near the Manukau Harbour, and I sometimes saw them. Their beaks are very distinctive.

    Ngā mihi,

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