Food-Art Wordplay – Step It Up!

today for the SLJ I did Food-Art Wordplay – Step It Up! It was really fun making some puns about veggies. I chose to grab a carrot and a tomato. The carrot said ” What’s a carrot’s favourite movie?” The tomato replied ” The carrot-tie kid”. Thank you very much Naomi Rosedale for making this task.

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One thought on “Food-Art Wordplay – Step It Up!

  1. Hi again Swaimah!

    This is an egg-cellent (excellent) food pun! Hahaha it gave me have a good chuckle!!

    I love that you have taken a photo of the actual vegetables and given them faces! What gave you this idea?

    Did it take you long to think of this pun?

    Keep up the creative work!

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