Amazing Kuaka – Step it up!

Today for the SLJ I did Amazing Kuaka – Step it up! It was really fun finding New Zealand and Alaska on the google mymaps. I’ve learned that godwit go from NZ to China’s yellow sea to Alaska. At the end of the video I said ” the distance between China’s yellow sea and Alaska is” and then I stopped. The distance between China’s yellow sea and Alaska is 10552.22 kilometers. Thank you very much Maria Krausse for making this task.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Kuaka – Step it up!

  1. Kia ora anō Swaimah,
    Such a small bird travelling such a long way. How amazing that they don’t even stop!
    I’m glad you found it fun.
    Did you know you can draw lines on my maps between places and it will show the distance?

    All the best,

  2. Mōrena Swaimah,

    It’s Charlotte again, a blog commenter for Manaiakalani. Well done on the Poetry Slam activity!

    Isn’t it amazing how far the Kuaka bird can fly! They have even visited a lot more places than I have! Have you done much traveling before?

    Ka pai on your video! You spoke with lots of expression and character in your voice which definitely helps to engage your viewers and keeps them interested!

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

    1. Sorry Swaimah, I’m not sure why I mentioned the Poetry Slam Rua activity – that post was from a long time ago, I must’ve gotten confused! Well done on your amazing Kuaka Step it up activity!

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