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Never Poem



To write your “Never Poem,” you will write one sentence for each of the

following, repeating your chosen consonant sound as many times as possible.

  1. Something you would never eat.
  2. Something you would never wear.
  3. Something you would never buy.
  4. Something you would never do.
  5. Someplace you would never go.
  6. Something you would always like to think about.
  7. “And I promise I will never …”

Struggling to find words to match your letter? You can always swap a word for a synonym (a word that means the same, e.g. swap happy for joyous). Check out the online thesaurus or dictionary to help you with this.


Here is an Example 

I would never eat tubeless tires. 

I would never wear a tiger tailed t-shirt. 

I would never buy a tie dyed tomato.

I would never trick toddlers into tripping

I would never go to town to trap turtles. 

I would always like to toe tap to tunes.

And I promise I will never turn turnips into toasted tractors.


Write Your poem 

I would never eat pork.

I would never wear a bikini.

I would never buy pork or ham.

I would never treat others like dogs. 

I would never go to South Sudan.

I would always keep my hijab on.

And I promise I will never kill the environment. 

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