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Seaside Stories

I am writing a story based on this picture here! 

Warning!: Not based on a true story – I made this up!

Information about the story

This story is about me and my family going to this beach where no one goes and exploring the beach to see if there’s anything mysterious. My family was shocked when they saw the mysterious problem. They tried to help but couldn’t do anything. Until they had a really big plan in mind. 


Stay tune to read the story

Warning!: Not based on a true story – I made this up!

Enjoy the story 


Part 1


One day, me and my family went to the beach. We went to this beach that nobody goes to. And I’m Serious like where nobody goes. When we went it was so empty. Not even one person was there! I asked my dad “ Dad, why doesn’t anyone come here?”. 


My dad replies “Sweetheart, everyone thinks this beach is a mysterious beach, They think that this beach is so scary and creepy”. “Oh, I get it! Can we explore it?” I said “We sure can, that’s why we’re here today”. The beach was called the mysterious beach. 


It didn’t look that scary to me though. I was really excited to explore this cool beach. It was so lovely, quiet but messy. It was a nice teal colour of water. My siblings were excited too!We went to the car to grab some equipment to explore the beach. We grabbed 5 shovels, 5 metal detectors, some gloves and 5 magnifying glasses


My mum, my baby sister and my big brother weren’t coming because they went to my cousin’s house. We first started to grab the metal detectors and scan the sand to see if there were any metals, jewellery and more.We scanned for about one hour and we found a lot of things. We found metal cans, a lot of jewellery, some coins, and a treasure chest


Part 2


My siblings were confused. My dad asked “ Who found this treasure chest?”. I replied “ Me dad Me, I did!”. My dad was confused and said “ Where did you find it hunny?”. I said “ right here, Right here under the water of the beach”.


We started to scan more around the beach and in the water. We found A LOT of treasure chest. We opened the treasure chests all up and in each treasure chest, there was a piece of note that we had to put all together to create a note. 


The note said “ grab some magnifying glasses and look far down where the flag is in the water”. We looked and we sawed the red flag. We went to grab our magnifying glasses and looked at the red flag


THERE WAS SOMETHING REALLY SHOCKING!There was a mermaid! She was crying but I didn’t know why. SO I told my dad “ Hey dad let’s go get the jet skis to reuse the poor mermaid”. 


My dad said “ alright let’s go”. We went to grab the jet skis and went into the water to save the mermaid. When we arrived at the red flag the mermaid disappeared


I was so scared that the mermaid might have been hurt! We looked around into the distance to see if the mermaid was around. My dad sawed a pirate boat. We headed to that boat and sawed the mermaid tied up! I was really Scared at first. Everything started to get weird.

Part 3


Then an evil pirate jumped up and said “ You mighty people have no respect for us pirates, We are going to kidnap you all one day! Hehe”. I was shaking! I asked, “What is your name?” My name is Ace” Replied the pirate. “Wait but how do we not give respect to you pirates? You guys are basically humans like us” I said. 


The pirate replied “ You guys don’t even give us a house to live in, that’s how disrespectful you humans are!” – “ You pirates never tell us that you want a house to live in,” Said my brother yunas. The pirate gets angry and yells “ I WILL RULE THE WHOLE EARTH, AND MAKE YOU PEOPLE TURN INTO ALIENS!” My family and I were really shocked at what he said. 


“Wait before we leave, can we at least have the mermaid?” I asked. He angrily said” NO YOU CAN’T SHES MINE FOREVER GRRRR!” I was shocked! I was mind blown and scared! We called 1-1-1 and they didn’t even come because of how weird the beach was.


 I was so annoyed by this nonsense. So what I did was take a video of the mermaid in the pirate boat, and post it online on facebook. IT WENT VIRAL! Everyone still didn’t believe it. 


!!!!THE END!!!!

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