Under the sea – Kick start

Today for the SLJ I did Under the sea – Kick start. It was really fun and easy to do because we had to make a little play under the sea. I made a little play based on Aerial, Flounder and their enemy. Aerial was swimming around the sea when she saw Flounder coming in a rush with fear. He told Aerial that their enemy is coming after them. Aerial and Flounder both swam away when they saw their enemy. They swam as fast as they could. Their enemy lost them and he was confused. !!The End!! Please leave a positve commment on my blog. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Under the sea – Kick start

  1. Namaste Swaimah,

    I love seeing all your awesome blog posts Swaimah. This is yet another outstanding blog post which you will get extra points for. What I like is how you went the extra mile to make your work engaging for your readers. I would have loved to know the ending of the story though. Did Ariel and the flounder get away? Did they hide? Did they end up scaring the bad fish off?

    What inspired you to use Ariel as your main character. Imagine what it would be like to live under the sea. What is your favourite sea creature? My all time favourite sea creature would be whales, specifically Blue whales but followed very closely by Orca whales.

    You should check out Isa from New Brighton Catholics Under the Sea Kick Start activity. You could even leave her a comment.
    Isa’s Blog

    Keep up the awesome mahi Swaimah, you are doing a fabulous job.

  2. Kia ora Swaimah,
    I’m Annabel from Koputaroa school. I love your under the sea play, I really like the evil fish! My favourite part is when they run away from the bad guy! I also think you did very well at describing your play.
    Next time I think you could add a question in your blog post so that it gives the reader something to think about while their reading. I really enjoyed this blog post!
    Nga mihi Annabel

  3. Hello Swaimah this is Blane from Hay Park School.
    I think I have done this activity before but it is way different from the way you have done it. I love it and my favorite part is how Aerial told us some facts about her.

    Flounder is so cute and I love how he warned you that bad people are coming.
    This is Blane signing off and I hope you have a great New Year.

  4. Kia ora Swaimah
    This is Sophia from Marshland School.
    I love how your characters moved a lot and that the text was clear and made sense. I think you did a wonderful job of this. Just one little suggestion maybe next time you can add more descriptions so the story is clearer.
    That’s all
    See ya Sophia

  5. Kia Ora Swaimah
    your friend Jamie here! Good job on earning an outstanding blog post. But the thing is, every blog of yours is outstanding! I like how you put one fact about Aerial, how she brushes her hair is crazy, right?

    The story was going really well, I think you should make a part 2. I really want to know what happens after the bad guy goes away. Does she go back to her normal routine? Or maybe she gets chased again? It’s up to you, but anyways, great job Swaimah. I am looking forward to more of your blog posts! Have a great day and a happy New year!!!
    Your friend Jamie <3

  6. Hey Swaimah,
    My name is Hayley from Koputaroa School.
    I loved your Under the sea play. The little Mermaid is one of my favourite disney princess movies. My favourite version of The Little Mermaid is the one that was released this year. What is your favourite disney princess?

    I loved how you left the animation on a cliff hanger. But I would’ve loved to know how it ended. If you did put an ending to it, what would’ve happened? Would Arial and Flounder gotten away from the bad guys of would the bad guys get Arial and Flounder?

    Can’t wait to see what you post next.
    – Hayley

  7. Kia ora Swaimah,
    Wow you are so good at making a little show. I love the colour of the flounder and the bad guy. What was your favorite part about do this activity? One thing is what you said the bad guys are coming but there is only one bad guy. But anyways It look great and the description of what you did it’s very clear.
    Kind regards

  8. Talofa Lava Swaimah

    I’m Madelyn from St Patrick’s School. How are you today? I love your animation. That was a very good idea for making an animation, I didn’t expect anyone to do an animation. Especially if it includes Ariel.

    I’ve never watched The Little Mermaid, I just heard of it. I have a question though, did you choose Ariel because she was your favourite? Or was it because she lived in the sea?

    Keep up the good work. Have a good day today! And a happy New Year as well!

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