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Create a Grab and Go Bag

Today For literacy i did the Create a Grab and Go Bag. We had to go on google and grab some stuff that we would take in a bag or suitcase when there’s a cyclone. I picked a suitcase because, A suitcase it easier to take and a backpack will be so heavy and you also have to hold it on your back. I packed lots of snacks and drinks because, I want to survive in cyclone. I hope you guys enjoy my slide and have a good day at home/work. Ka Kite!

Mana Ako



Mana ako is coming to an end. Term 2 is finising in 2 weeks. I really learned alot from Mana ako. Thanks to Mrs Tele’a, Miss Tele’a and Mr Tuala for helping me learn more literacy work and maths work. I am thankful for everyone in Mana ako that support me in speeches or any other work I say to everyone. I hope everyone in Mana ako wishes come true. Thanks to Mrs Tele’a, Miss Tele’a and Mr Tuala for providing all the foods and games for me and Mana ako. I hope everyone successes in life. I hope I atleast post 3 or 4 blog posts.





What do I look forward to?

In the holidays I look forward to see my friends or familys.


What do you try to avoid?

Try to avoid the devices and gaming tools.


What’s something you don’t enjoy but is good for you?

I don’t enjoy cleaning but it’s good for exercise.



Information reports


C – Where is Ruapotaka marae? 106 line rd, Glen innes, Auckland 1072. Ruapotaka marae was built in 1978/1979. Manager Georgie Thompson has worked hard to encourage wider community involvement through the marae and to communicate that its doors are open to all.

D – Ruapotaka Marae is an urban marae located in the heart of Glen Innes providing whanau-based services to Maori and to the wider community. Opened in the early 1980s, the buildings and grounds were in dire need of an upgrade. Ensuring a grant from the Governing Body towards an upgrade was one of the first things Councillor Bartley achieved when she was elected last year.

C – Today something I found interesting about ruapotaka marae was that the manager was Georgie Thompson and what year it was made.