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Information reports


C – Where is Ruapotaka marae? 106 line rd, Glen innes, Auckland 1072. Ruapotaka marae was built in 1978/1979. Manager Georgie Thompson has worked hard to encourage wider community involvement through the marae and to communicate that its doors are open to all.

D – Ruapotaka Marae is an urban marae located in the heart of Glen Innes providing whanau-based services to Maori and to the wider community. Opened in the early 1980s, the buildings and grounds were in dire need of an upgrade. Ensuring a grant from the Governing Body towards an upgrade was one of the first things Councillor Bartley achieved when she was elected last year.

C – Today something I found interesting about ruapotaka marae was that the manager was Georgie Thompson and what year it was made.