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Kōwhai Drawing – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ I did Kōwhai Drawing – Kick Start. It was really fun drawing this type of flower and knowing some facts about Kōwhai’s! Here are some facts that I’ve learnt about Kowhai’s.

Fact 1: Kowhai’s are best known for their brilliant yellow flowers that appear in profusion in Spring and stand out among the forest greenery.

Fact 2: Trees of this Kowhai’s are long lived with one proven to be 460 years old and others thought to be up to 1800 years old.

Fact 3:  The bark of the kowhai tree can be used in a bath to help with bruising and has long been used by Māori to help with broken bones as well as itching, shingles, and dandruff.

Thank you very much Michelle Tate for making this task I’ve really enjoyed it!

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