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Kia ora, My name is Swaimah and Today I will be writing about Rust. Rust is a type of corrosion, you can see rust in most places like on your bike, on metal, chains and anything that has stayed outside in the rain & air. Rust is a browny orange type colour. Rust is very common and it’s really hard to take off rust from metal & other stuff. 

What Causes rust? 

Water is the main cause of rust. Rusting is a specific example of corrosion, which occurs when Iron or steel reacts with oxygen and water. 

Iron + Oxygen + Water = Hydrated Iron oxide 

Hydrated Iron oxide is the orange-brown substance seen on the surface of rust objects.  rust is more likely to occur on metal that has not been treated or protected against moisture. Salt also helps to speed up the rusting process.

Types of Rust 

Red rust: This type of rust is formed when the metal surface is exposed to high amounts of oxygen or water. The corrosion taking place is uniform corrosion where an even layer of oxidation appears across the surface of the material. Red rust is a corrosion product. Yellow rust: This type of rust usually forms due to high exposure to moisture or water or metals that are found in large amounts of standing water. Brown rust: This type of rust takes place when the supply of oxygen is more and the supply of moisture is less. Black rust: This type of rust forms when limited oxygen is applied or when oxygen cannot reach the metal and is trapped or covered by another metal. This type of rust is not very common and is not produced quickly.


Rust treatment is a topical compound designed to address the symptoms of rust. Rust treatment is the action of corrosion protection via anti-rust methods. Unlike rust prevention, which deals with measures to prevent or slow down the formation of rust, rust treatment deals with the removal and coating of rusty matter on surfaces where it is unwanted. Rust can be removed from small objects by performing electrolysis using simple equipment used in the home, such as a plastic bucket, tap water, washing soda, or battery.


Corrosion is defined as the transformation of metal into another form when it is exposed to sunlight and water for a long time. The corrosion of iron is commonly known as rusting and can be prevented by applying oil on its surface.This experiment therefore clearly shows that each metal behaves and reacts in a manner distinct to that metal in any particular environment.