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Coordinates #1

Today for Math I did Coordinates #1. It was really hard to complete. We had to answer 3 slides. Coordinates is quiet a tricky math thing to complete. Please leave a positive comment on my Blog. Thank you!

Something Alive

Today for reading I did Something Alive. This reading comic is really short and is really easy to read. I really recommend reading this book. for this task we just had to read a short comic called Somthing Alive and then answer some questions. There 2 slides that we had to answer questions, then we had to make a Veen Diagram, lastly we had to analyse. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

Dork Diaries – Drama Queen

Today for SSR ( silent sustained reading) I choose the book Dork Diaries – Drama queen by Rachel Renee Russell.

This book is the ninth book in the Dork Diaries series and it was by far my favourite! It starts off the main character Nikki Maxwell having a terrible day. Her worst enemy Mackenzie Hollister has been spreading dreadful rumours; she may have just stopped there ever being a chance that her crush Brandon Roberts will ever like her and now she has to go find a new goldfish for her bratty little sister Brianna.

However while she is there, she discovers that the rumour Mackenzie made up has 99% chance of being true! She goes to her best friends Chloe and Zoey for help – could it be true? They go on a mission, but just as they figure it out Nikki’s most prized possession GOES MISSING! And drama queen Mackenzie takes over… HER DIARY!

I really enjoyed this book: I couldn’t put it down! I would recommend it for 9+ girls mostly, but also for boys. The illustrations where phenomenal as well and I would definitely encourage people to get started reading the Dork Diaries series – especially this one! I would rate it 5 stars!

Drama Queen