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DLO – Make It Work – Shoe Rack – The 5 Musketeers

Introduction: This term for our DLO team 5 had to make a project that would improve team 5/school. Our theme was “Make It Work”. Everyone in team 5 had to get into groups of 5-6 people. Each group had to make one project each. What we basically had to do was find a project that we wanted to create, research about it, and then create it. Our group was called “The 5 Musketeers”. This term we are studying TECHNOLOGY. We’re asking the question,  ‘What can we design, build, create or change to improve school life at Pt England School?’. Working with a group of people we had to present a movie. Using the question given to us to create something we can use at school that could be for fun or to benefit our school. This is because our theme for this Term is ‘Make it work’. Our group included: Me (Swaimah), Zaria, Vika, Eleni, Lynette.

Plan: We first planned together on a piece of paper and discussed what our project is going to be. We all agreed to do a shoe rack because we have noticed that outside our classroom the shoes have been a mess. People have been throwing their shoes like animals. We thought that we could make a shoe rack exactly like mini cubbyholes. We sketched out the shoe rack and how it would look . We first thought that we would make a shoe rack with a storage place at the bottom. But then we knew it’ll take a lot of time to create. 

Supplies: We had to research the materials and wood for our project. We went online on Mitre-10 and Bunnings warehouse to find some materials. We found some wood and nails to use for our project. Our team came together and collected all the supplies. We all agreed with the prices that the materials were. We had a price limit so we kept the budget low. 

Problem: We had a problem with the project. Our problem was that our teacher who kindly went and bought the materials said that we couldn’t make our whole project because they didn’t have enough money. We just rolled with it but I was a bit sad because we worked hard for weeks/months and we couldn’t make our full project. Our teacher only gave us 9-10 planks of wood to use and some nails. 

Create Project: We planned out our project and placed them together. We then had to screw the wood planks together and then figure out if we did it right. It took some time to actually think really hard about where the planks of wood would go. It took us about 30 minutes or so to figure out our shoe rack. We then screwed it all together and made our final project. We then painted the shoe rack to give it a bit of a cool vibe. 

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DLO – Animation – Fit for purpose

Task description: This term for DLO (Digital Online Learning) I did an animation for the theme Fit for purpose. We had to make an animation about a healthy kid or ourselves having the perfect time of sleep, Eating healthy, Exercising, Self talk and positive talk. It was really fun to do but it was annoying at the same time because we only got 8-9 weeks to complete. I also had a tough time because I was away for 2 weeks and I couldn’t do my animation. I was so sad that everyone else was in front of me. I decided to make an animation about myself having a healthy lifestyle. 

The Video will take a while to load, It’s just like that. You might think that I have red hair throughout my animation but it’s actually my Hijab. I decided to do my Hijab a bit differently because I wanted to add some color. I really enjoyed doing this animation but it takes a really long time to create the backgrounds and to make the animation. 

My highlight is finishing my DLO before the end of the term and being able to get marked for it. My low light is doing my DLO because it was really hard and it took a long time to do and I wanted to give up halfway through it but I pushed through and I got it done. Sometime to work on for me is next time/term I wanna finish my work faster.  Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!