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Welcome Back To Term 3!

Hello, Kia ora, Kia Orana and Greetings to you all. I am very sorry that i haven’t blogged for about 2 to 3 weeks. I really apologise for that. So today i have a blog to talk about today.


First day of term 3!

Today in the morning in team 5 we had a team assembly about the first day of school. our notices was: Mask up and sanitise, Life education, film festival and School lunches. After we finished our team assembly we went to the hall for the immersion assembly. Our topic for this term is Art Works. Art Works basically means about arts, shapes, colours and skill. My favourite team movie was team 1 because, they had a huge long white paper and they painted their self on the outside and painted with pacific feelings colour. My favourite art person was Mrs Dywer. After the immersion assembly we went to class and did the roll. Then we went to the hall to play some games. First we played this game that we had pipes and connected it all together and we rolled a ball down the pipe and when it goes through  the pipe we had to run to the other side and keep continuing until we get to the other side of the hall.

Term 2 – Immersion Assembly – 2022

Today at our school immersion assembly all the teachers preform what their team is learning about this term.

Team 1: Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer were dressed up as the beekeepers and Mrs Shirley was the bee. Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer were looking for a bee, because the bee will lead Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer to the bee hive. A few minutes later Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer found a big bee. They followed the bee to the bee hive. when they arrived the bee caught Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer. Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer were running away from the bee. Team 1 is learning about bees this term.

Team 2: Mrs carter was Joly roger Mrs Davis and Mrs teleso were Mrs carter’s partners. Mrs Davis and Mrs teleso took Mrs carters boots, jacket and hat. Mrs carter woke up from her nap and was looking for her boots, jacket and hat. her boots, jacket and hat was in the water. she got her long stick and grab her stuff. Team 2 are learning about privates this term.

Team 3: Mrs carruthers, Mrs lowns, Mrs scanlan and Mrs davis are vsing jin, hunter and poliasi. they had to answer the questions on the tv. the point england students got all the answers right and won. while the teachers answers were wrong and lost. the point england students won prises. Team 3 are learning about scratch and coding this term.

Team 4: Team 4 played a movie on the tv. sarah was a new student in pt england school. Miss tumahai was the teacher at the gate. miss tumahai gave sarah an ipad to lead her around the school. sarah found a QR code and saned it from her ipad. the ipad played a video talking about where to go. the video lead her to her class. Team 4 are learning about QR codes this term.


Team 5: Mr wiseman was telling a story about rachalle and latina at school. rachalle was silly and crazy and latina was smart. latina and rachalle had a robot that looked like humans. but they were not humans. they had to control their own robot. latina was good at controlling robots but rachalle wasn’t. they robots would not even flinch abit. they pure water on them, they tickled them, they scared and they didn’t flinch at all. rachalle was sad because she couldn’t control the robot, but latina showed rachalle how to control a robot. rachalle was so happy and that got good grades.