Laser Maze – step it up

Today I fiinishe my Laser Maze – step it up actvity.Sinces I was not allowed to do it in real life I made a animation for  you guys to watch. I made 3 different levels that I had to do. The reward is priceless. You have  to wait for the end for the reward. I was so happy that I made this for you and I hope you like. I have a questions for you guys, have you done the summer learning journey.

2 thoughts on “Laser Maze – step it up

  1. Kia Ora Swaimah
    your friend Jamie back again! You did a good job creating your laser maze on Google Slides. I think I will try this activity out in my house, this looks so fun!!

    Keep up the great work Swaimah, have a great day and God bless!!
    Your friend, Jamie <3

  2. Kia ora Swaimah,

    I love how you always think outside the box and naturally step it up when completing activities. I think it’s really cool how you included levels and how there was a reward at the end. It felt like a real life computer game. I’m glad you thought of another way to Step It Up other than making it in real life.

    Is the prize the car or is the prize freedom? Do you think you could get through a laser maze in real life without touching a single laser? I’m not sure I could. The hard part on the movies is they are both high and low so you have to be very flexible to get through without setting off the alarms.

    Have you seen a movie with laser mazes in it? Does the movie Spy Kids have a laser maze in it?

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