Laser Maze – Kick Start

Task description:Today I did my Laser Maze – Kick Start. I had to make a poster of a laser Maze and  do it in real life. sadly my parents  wouldn’t let me do it outside cause we have grass growing. I love this activity and I will do a animetions on google slides.

One thought on “Laser Maze – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,

    Growing grass is fickley business. It’s not as easy as we think to grow grass which is funny because it grows everywhere.

    I will say your laser maze looks awesome. I would love to complete it. My favourite part is the gold that the lasers are trying to protect. It’s the reward at the end.

    Is this picture based on what your house really looks like? Or is this a fictional picture? Did you find it challenging putting in the buildings and soccer goals so they look normal?


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