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Laser Maze – step it up

Today I fiinishe my Laser Maze – step it up actvity.Sinces I was not allowed to do it in real life I made a animation for  you guys to watch. I made 3 different levels that I had to do. The reward is priceless. You have  to wait for the end for the reward. I was so happy that I made this for you and I hope you like. I have a questions for you guys, have you done the summer learning journey.

Is there a problem?

This week during Maths I did Is there a problem? What I had to do was answer 8 word problems and then show my working out. I then had to blog it. These word problems were really easy except the last slide. The last slide (8) was really tricky to divide the numbers so I tried my very best to find an answer for the question.

My highlight was Actually completing the task and doing well on my tests this week, I feel good about my writing test being good because I love writing!

My low-light was having to answer the hard questions like slide 8, because I was struggling to divide 432 by 6.

Something i’ll work on next time is to always find new strategies to each equation.

My quote of the day: It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with word problems longer – Albert Einstein

Star test – Reflection

This week during maths I did a star test. What we had to do was move our tables facing the whitboard. Then we had to open our chromebooks and get  NZCER open on a tab. Whaea Saf came around with our code on a piece of paper, she handed those out while we were sitting. We had to put our code in and wait for the teachers instrustions. Next we had to go over the examples, after we began our test. I was a bit stuck on some questions but I managed to work them out. The questions were like what is the name of the picture or fill in the blanks. 

My highlight was getting a nice sleep and then waking up having a fresh shower, ready to start my test. I was all prepared and fresh to start testing week. 

My lowlight was having to actually take the test, because taking tests are very frustrating and hard to complete.

Something i’ll work on next time is to be humble and not to nagg about the test.

My quote of the day: Do your best at the Test!

Working Collabortively in a Doc

Swaimah & Vika – Working Collabortively in a Doc

Today for cybersmart we did Working Collabortively in a Doc. It was really easy to do because we had to play about 5 games of tic tac toe. The blue O is me and the black X is Vika. Then we had to make a story, I had to write one word and then Vika wrote the other word. We wrote the story word by word. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

Love 3D Shapes

Today for Math I did Love 3D Shapes.For this task we had to complete some questions about 3d shapes. We also had to name some 3d shapes and find out some facts about them. We had to find out how many sides, edges and vertices (corners) They have. We had to write how many sides, edges and vertices (corners) each shape had. Then at the last slide we had to make our own 3d shape net. I did a cube. Please leave a positive comment to my blog. Thank you!

Dawn Raids 5

Today for Reading I did Dawn Raids 5. It was really good because we finished the whole story! I am really proud of myself for reading the book in 5 different parts in 5 weeks. We had to answer 6 questions and do 2 create tasks. I made the bracelet that Charlotte’s mother gave to Charlotte. And I did a judging report on Sofia’s speech. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!


Today for math I did Angles. I had to complete slides by adding numbers to make 180 and add the missing number in the blank space. On the last slide I did a poster for a year 4 about a right angle. I hope you guys enjoyed my slides. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.  Thank you!

Healthy Lunch from bakery

Today for inquiry I did Healthy Lunch from bakery. We had to make a slide or google drawing about what food we will take to school from the bakery. It ha dot be a healthy lunch/ morning from the bakery. I chose water, yogurt, a mini savory and fruit salad. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!