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Star test – Reflection

This week during maths I did a star test. What we had to do was move our tables facing the whitboard. Then we had to open our chromebooks and get  NZCER open on a tab. Whaea Saf came around with our code on a piece of paper, she handed those out while we were sitting. We had to put our code in and wait for the teachers instrustions. Next we had to go over the examples, after we began our test. I was a bit stuck on some questions but I managed to work them out. The questions were like what is the name of the picture or fill in the blanks. 

My highlight was getting a nice sleep and then waking up having a fresh shower, ready to start my test. I was all prepared and fresh to start testing week. 

My lowlight was having to actually take the test, because taking tests are very frustrating and hard to complete.

Something i’ll work on next time is to be humble and not to nagg about the test.

My quote of the day: Do your best at the Test!