DLO – Animation – Fit for purpose

Task description: This term for DLO (Digital Online Learning) I did an animation for the theme Fit for purpose. We had to make an animation about a healthy kid or ourselves having the perfect time of sleep, Eating healthy, Exercising, Self talk and positive talk. It was really fun to do but it was annoying at the same time because we only got 8-9 weeks to complete. I also had a tough time because I was away for 2 weeks and I couldn’t do my animation. I was so sad that everyone else was in front of me. I decided to make an animation about myself having a healthy lifestyle. 

The Video will take a while to load, It’s just like that. You might think that I have red hair throughout my animation but it’s actually my Hijab. I decided to do my Hijab a bit differently because I wanted to add some color. I really enjoyed doing this animation but it takes a really long time to create the backgrounds and to make the animation. 

My highlight is finishing my DLO before the end of the term and being able to get marked for it. My low light is doing my DLO because it was really hard and it took a long time to do and I wanted to give up halfway through it but I pushed through and I got it done. Sometime to work on for me is next time/term I wanna finish my work faster.  Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “DLO – Animation – Fit for purpose

  1. Hey Swaimah, Your DLO was amazing, I love the way you drew the slides and yourself. Did you enjoy making your DLO throughout the weeks till the very last week of school? How long did you take to finish your DLO? What part of the animation did you like the most and why?

    1. No, I did not enjoy doing my DLO because it was so frustrating. I took about 9 weeks to finish my DLO. I liked the part where I did positive self talk because it was easy.

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