Month: July 2022

KPMG Thank You Letter!

Today we went to KPMG building. There was 30 years 7 and 8’s who got to go to KPMG building.  I got picked out. We went with Miss West &  Miss Shaniah.  it toke a 20 minute drive. We went for a tour of the offices and other stuff. We played with some playdoughs and some clay. I made this art and background.


Welcome Back To Term 3!

Hello, Kia ora, Kia Orana and Greetings to you all. I am very sorry that i haven’t blogged for about 2 to 3 weeks. I really apologise for that. So today i have a blog to talk about today.


First day of term 3!

Today in the morning in team 5 we had a team assembly about the first day of school. our notices was: Mask up and sanitise, Life education, film festival and School lunches. After we finished our team assembly we went to the hall for the immersion assembly. Our topic for this term is Art Works. Art Works basically means about arts, shapes, colours and skill. My favourite team movie was team 1 because, they had a huge long white paper and they painted their self on the outside and painted with pacific feelings colour. My favourite art person was Mrs Dywer. After the immersion assembly we went to class and did the roll. Then we went to the hall to play some games. First we played this game that we had pipes and connected it all together and we rolled a ball down the pipe and when it goes through  the pipe we had to run to the other side and keep continuing until we get to the other side of the hall.