How to make elephant toothpaste – DLO

Today for DLO I did How to make elephant was really hard to do but really fun and the same time. I got to talk with my friends about my DLO project. My friends are so supportive and cheered me on as i was going. This term’s DLO is about science experiments. I chose to do elephant toothpaste. I really want to investigate how the elephant toothpaste explode up in the air. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

One thought on “How to make elephant toothpaste – DLO

  1. Hi Swaimah!

    I love your DLO animation. It’s very interesting how elephant toothpaste foams up. Do you know what makes elephant toothpaste foam up? Why did you choose to animate elephant toothpaste?

    Respectful Regards from Mary

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