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A Thriller Story

Swaimah – My Thriller

Your mission is to write a thriller story that includes a range of simple, compound and complex sentences in your writing. At the end of your writing, highlight each of these sentence types a different colour.

Subject: Pink 

Compound sentence – Orange 

Simple sentence – Yellow

Restoring Old Dolls

I worked at the doll factory that restored old dolls. One night as I was working late at 3am, I came across a strange doll. It has shiny golden locks and big glowy eyes that seemed to follow me as I moved around. And its red lips appeared to be hiding a smile. I carefully inspected for defects but couldn’t find any, it looked as good as new. So, I put it inside a box. Then began working on another doll. But all of a sudden, I noticed the glass fog up. 

My heart skipped a beat and my body became as hot as lava. Before I could do anything the light turned off. “Isabelle,” it whispered my name. “ I am alive, You can’t find me, You’ll soon be gone” She let out a mysterious laugh. I am really frightened and standing there like I’m frozen. I heard a clicking noise coming from the glass box, That I added the doll in. That was when I lost it and sprinted to the main door. As I tried to open the door it was locked! There was nowhere out. In front of me appeared that same doll with a wide grin on her face. 

“Hahaha, Now what are you going to do, You’re alone with me, Nowhere to get out” She screamed. I, WAS, FREAKING, OUT! I went to find a window but then, As soon as I touched the window, It sharded. Glass separated everywhere and, out came some black smoke from the window and filled up the whole factory. There was smoke everywhere and I couldn’t see anything. And as I turned around the creepy little doll popped out into my face. I jumped in fear and screamed my lungs out. I was super scared that I bumped my head onto the wall, I fainted. The little Doll never did anything. All she did was give me this medicine. It tasted like honey mixed with some pepper. 

When I woke up the doll was smiling and giggling, saying “Oh my god! Isabelle you’re awake, now it’s time for you to come with me to my secret room”. I stood up and followed the doll. As I was following her I felt really different. I didn’t feel like my normal self, when I looked down I was wearing some sort of doll clothes. As we entered the room there were lots of doll clothes, shoes and wigs lying around the room. I was confused for a while and I saw the doll pushing me forward. She gave me some clothes to wear, I then went ahead in the bathroom and changed my clothes. 

I looked in the mirror and I looked BEAUTIFUL! I have never looked this pretty before! I was so happy jumping around with excitement. I exited the bathroom and showed the doll my clothes, I told her I loved it. “Hey look at me, I look so beautiful with these clothes on. How do you think I look?” I said with happiness. 

“Oh Isabelle you’re beautiful! Now come and wear this wig and these pretty shoes” The doll said. I went to the doll and she put the wig on for me. As I looked in the mirror again I had brunette hair with some highlights. I then wore my blue sparkly shoes that had glitter on them. I was dancing around with joy. The doll put some makeup on me and I looked even more gorgeous. I was wearing a blue dress with white flowers, a brunette wig with highlights, some sparkly blue shoes & Beautiful blue glittery makeup! I was super happy and weird at the same time. I think that pill she gave me changed my personality! 

I don’t know what to do, I started to think about how I fainted and what happened. I looked in the mirror one more time and I screamed. “ AHHHHHHHH! YOU TURNED ME INTO A DOLLLLLLL!!!” I screamed my lungs out. I went back into the bathroom, changed my clothes, wore my shoes, took off my wig & washed my Makeup Away. I ran and saw my boss, Anna. I lost my breath and couldn’t talk, Anna was freaking out. She asked me what happened, I explained everything to her outside. She was so confused and felt so sorry for me. I told her I am not working at the factory anymore. She then tried to convince me to stay. I said sorry and I left