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Digital technologies over time – homework

First Car Ever Made. 

The first car ever made was the Motorwagen. The motorwagen was made in 1885 by german Carl Benz. The motorwagen cost about  $1,000.  The Maximum speed of the Motorwagen is 16km/h (10 mph). This car has 3 wheels and 1 seat.  


Who made the first car ever made? 

Carl Benz made the Motorwagen. Carl Benz made the Motorwagen in january 29,1885.  


What was the reason behind the first car ever made? 

Widely regarded as the world’s first practical automobile, a self-propelled vehicle for caring people, and first car put into series production.  


Why did it need to change over time?

It needed to change over time, because in the past the cars never had seat belts and people were getting injured and died. Now in 2022 the cars are now safer and protected. Nobody is getting injured or dying. That’s why it needed to change.