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Immersion Assembly – Term 3 – Fit for Purpose

Immersion Assembly – Term 3 – Fit for Purpose

Kia ora Bloggers. For the first day of term 3 we had an Immersion assembly in the morning at 9 o’clock. It was really fun and kinda boring. The focus for this term is Fit for purpose. Fit for purpose means being kind, making friendships and being fit. There were 6 teams that presented today at the Immersion assembly. My favorite team was team 6 & team 5.

The reason why I like team 6 was because it was about football, My favorite sport/hobby. The teachers which were in that team were Mrs Burton, Mr Vogt, Mrs Va’afusuaga & Mrs Clark. They talked about the FIFA women’s world cup. They named some of the teams that are going to play for the FIFA women’s world cup. There are 32 teams playing across the world. The FIFA women’s world cup is held at Auckland, NZ and Australia.

The reason why I liked team 5 was because they did a play about cross country. This term we also have cross country happening. Mr Wiseman was the main talker telling the story, Mrs Stone was the Pregnant teacher. Mrs Ilaoa, Mr Moran, Whaea Saff were the 3 little kids. I loved how they tried to make the play really funny and understanding for the seniors and juniors.

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