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SLJ – Superhero – Step It Up

Today I did my first SLJ task. I did the step it up Superhero Task. We had to create a comic strip about 2 superheros from our country. I picked a superhero called “Sooraya Qadir” and a villian called “Nimrod Sentinels”. Sooraya Qadir is a superhero that can transform her body into a cloud of dust. She can blow her enemies away with her power. She uses the dust to blow away her enemies and she can tell them off. Nimrod is the enemy of Sooraya.What happened in my comic strip was that Sooraya was practising her dust powers to fight her enemies. Nimrodthen came out of no where and asked Sooraya if he could show her his powers. Sooraya accepted the request and then Nimrod blasted out some pink balls from his hands and hurt Sooraya with it. The End! Thank you Mrs Grant and David. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!