Tag: Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides & Document

Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides & Document

Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides

Today for reading I did Suspenseful Beginnings – Slides & Document. The WALT for this week is Create a suspenseful thought imagery and dialogue. Which means to add something like foreshadowing in your story or writing. I made a suspenseful little writing at the end of the slides. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you.


Suspenseful Beginnings – Document

Paste your Suspenseful Beginning into this doc then continue writing the rest of the narrative. Your Suspenseful Beginning should set the tone for the rest of your writing.

Your story should include the following.

  • Character dialogue
  • Correct punctuation
  • Paragraphs
  • Descriptive language that includes the sense (see, hear, smell, taste, feel)

Suspenseful Writing

It was a nice sunny day in Afghanistan. The sun was bright and shiny over the houses. It smelt like fresh bread that came right out of the oven. There was a boy next to me named Adam. He moved his mouth and spoke to me. Adam had nice black straight hair, he was 1 inch taller than me and had nice green eyes. Adam was wondering where the fresh bread scent came from.“Hey there, Do you know where that bread scent is coming from?”. Adam asked me in a smooth way with some shivers. I replied “ No, no I don’t sorry”. We sat at a bench and got some cold drinks. 

We talked about how we might be related or if we have anything in common. We both like football a lot, and we also enjoyed cooking. Cooking is the best. We went to my house and made some chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. My family really likes chocolate chip cookies. We then played some football at the field. We enjoyed our day a lot, I then asked him if he wanted a night over at my house. He said yeah sure why not, We went to sleep fast.

The next morning, Adam and I made breakfast for my family. We made some nice crunchy grilled cheese, waffles, pancakes and a sweet huge red velvet cake. We all had breakfast together as a big family. We were laughing and having so much fun. Adam looked like he was having a lot of fun too. We then went outside and played a game of hide and seek with Adam and my siblings. I was the seeker, I counted to 30 and went hunting for them. 

(Wind blowing) The leaves were flying all over the place, I saw someone run across my face. I was so frightened but, I still went to check if they were still there. I went to check and no one was there. I was scared at first until someone said my name. “Swaimah” Someone whispered. I was so scared that I screamed and ran away. As I was running away I heard footsteps behind me. When I went to look There was no one. Then Someone said “run now or I’ll kill you”. I didn’t run because I was tired and There was no one behind me. As I took a step forward,I screamed  “HELP ME” 

The End!!