Poetry Slam – Toru – Step it up

Today for the Summer Learning Journey I did Poetry Slam – Toru – Step it up. It was really fun animating myself going into a Mosque reading the Quran (Muslims holy book). I really hope you enjoy my mini movie I have made for you bloggers. I always use the app called Kleki to drawing my stuff. It is really helpful! Thank you Phil for this wonderful task. Thank you! Merry Christmas.

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One thought on “Poetry Slam – Toru – Step it up

  1. Hi Swaimah,

    You have done an excellent job at creating this mini movie, I love the colours you have chosen and all the detail you have added in the buildings. I have never heard of the app you used before, it looks like a lot of creative fun.

    Do you think that you could read your poem alongside the movie playing so we can hear you poem too? This would help to tell the story of your animation whilst watching it.

    Have you been practicing using this app for a long time? It looks like you are an expert with it!

    Thanks for sharing Swaimah,

    Emma – SLJ

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