Poetry Slam Rima – Awesome Alliterations – Kick Start

Awesome Alliterations


Fill in your ideas about summer in the table below. If you want to go all the way from A to Z then go for it! If not, do as many letters as you like.


For your performance you could just pick some of your favourite letters. Or go for the whole alphabet if you want!


Struggling to find words to match your letter? You can always swap a word for a synonym (a word that means the same, e.g. swap happy for joyous). Check out the online thesaurus to help you with this.


You can delete the ideas for a and b if you like and replace them with your own.


letter ideas (as many as you like) line
a ants, athletics… Apples are appetising and avocados are appropriately ripe.
b basketball, bunnies… Basketballs bouncing with a ‘boing’ near beaches.
c Cats, cucumbers…  Cats love eating cucumbers as a little snack when they’re hungry.
d Dogs, dragon fruit… Dogs are not really a good fan of dragon fruit. Dragon fruit makes dogs disgusted.
e Elephants, eggs…  Elephants have big feets that are shaped like an egg.
f Frogs, frog legs…  Frogs are having to be killed to eat. Frog legs are fried and seasoned.
g Goats, grapes…  Goats have an approximate limit of how many grapes they can have once a week. 
h Horses, honey… Horses are mostly picky eaters when it comes to sweets like honey. 
i Iguanas, ice cream… Iguanas really enjoy the taste and texture of ice cream flavours. 
j Jaguars, juice… Jaguars can only drink juice from the plastic bottles and not from canned fruit juice.
k Kangaroos, kale… Kangaroos actually like eating kale. For me I don’t.
l Lions, lemon… Lions hate the sour flavour of lemons.
m Monkeys, mangoes… Monkeys like to eat mangoes, but they won’t eat it everyday because of sugar.
n Newts, noodles…  Newts eat noodles with no seasoning because newts eat plain stuff. 
o Octopus, orange… Octopus do not like oranges. Oranges are not a sea food and octopus only like seafood.
p Pigs, potatoes… Pigs legit eats everything. Potatoes are really good for pigs’ health. 
q Quails, quesadilla… Quails do not like quesadillas. Quails eat stuff to do with plants.
r Rhinos, rice Rhinos are in love with rice. As soon as rhinos see food they eat it.
s Snakes, sushi Snakes are not really a fan of sushi. Snakes eat a lot of birds. 
t Tarantulas ,tomatoes… Tarantulas can’t eat tomatoes because of the juiciness and it’s too big.

Today for the SLJ i did Poetry Slam Rima – Awesome Alliterations – Kick Start. It was really fun making little poems and also finding some words. I only got to do it from A – T. I could choose when I can stop or if i want to do the whole sheet. I think  i did a great job. Thank you very much Phil for making this task.

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Thank you!

One thought on “Poetry Slam Rima – Awesome Alliterations – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,

    It’s Charlotte again, a blog commenter for Manaiakalani. I am really enjoying having a look through your recent blog posts.

    You have done an awesome job on the Poetry Slam – Rima task! I think it is great that you have given so many letters a go! What was the favourite alliteration you came up with?

    I noticed that the task asks you to record your poem while keeping a steady rhythm and tempo. Could you please edit your post and add this? Let me know when you have done this and I’ll check it out!

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

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