Word Problems

This week for Maths I did Word problems. We had to re-create the questions that were on the paper onto slides, and then work them out. There were about 20 or more questions that we had to answer. Whoever finished all the questions will get a prize. Whaea Saf still hasn’t chosen the people who won the prize. The maths questions were quiet easy but the first 4 were challenging for me.

My highlight was having so much easy work this week because, I was suffering this term.

My lowlight was having to suffered with my Best friend Zaria.

Quote of the day: Success is a journey not a destination

2 thoughts on “Word Problems

  1. Kia ora Swaimah, Thank you for the feedback on the SLJ blog, we are excited for the SLJ too. I am sure there will be some fun Maths activities posted over summer too.
    For all the Year 8s who will be at another school in Year 9 next year… you will be able to access your Primary School blog throughout the summer to share your SLJ Learning and blog posts. We will also pass on any prizes and certificates to your school next year.
    Look out for the teaser week activities on the blog on Monday and Wednesday for you to try with the SLJ starting on Monday 11th.

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Mrs Grant

    1. Kia ora Mrs Grant, I’m trying to register to participate in the SLJ but I don’t know how – I asked some people but they aren’t sure either – Would you mind helping?

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