Colour Block Landscape – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ I did Colour Block Landscape – Kick Start. It was a bit tricky because we had to make a piece of art on google drawings.I made a cool little picture of some green land, mountains, trees and a cool sky. I tried my best making this piece of art. I tried to put as much details as I could. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Colour Block Landscape – Kick Start

  1. Salam Swaimah,

    The mixture of black and green together looks quite nice. Could you explain to me what each part of your picture is? I’m assuming the pastel pinks and purples at the top are the sky, sunrise or sunset maybe? My first thought was the blue was mountains because of the shapes but then I thought maybe they are waves crashing in the distance? I assumed based on colour and where you placed the green they represent land. I’m stuck on the black, I thought maybe a stream leading from the ocean but I wasn’t sure.

    With an activity like this it’s always nice to include your steps in the description. If you include the steps you took some people might follow in your footsteps and try to create their own design.

    You mentioned the activity was a bit tricky. What was the hardest part about it?


  2. Kia Ora Swaimah
    your friend Jamie here again! I really like your Colour Block Landscape, I might try this out myself! The arrangements of colours you used really sit together nicely. I like the addition of black, is that the shadow of the grassy areas?

    Did you know that this is called colour contrast? Colour contrast is when colours are similar but you can easily spot the differences from a good distance away. I suggest you make some colours darker, lighter or more of the colour in the sky, because there is not much contrast there than in the grassy areas.
    Thanks for sharing Swaimah, have a great day and a Happy New Year!!
    Your friend, Jamie <3

  3. Kia ora ano Swaimah,
    I think this is a great first attempt at doing a colour block landscape. I like that you followed the instructions in the video and made the ‘hill’ blue colours get lighter as they were further away which adds depth to your artwork. I wonder – if you took out all the black borders if it would look better or worse?
    Nā, Mrs Penno

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