Bug of the year – Step it up!

Today for the SLJ I did the Bug of the year – Step it up! We had to make a quick little profile of a New Zealand Native Bug.
I picked a Girrafe Weevil because it looks very cool and it has some awesome features. The body of the Girrafe Weevil is very interesting and the body parts have unique names. A Girrafe Weevil looks big but when you compare it to a humans hand its very small. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

One thought on “Bug of the year – Step it up!

  1. Bula Vinaka Swaimah,

    What made you decide to do a profile on a Giraffe Weevil? Had you heard of them before? I’ve never heard of them or seen one before. I thought maybe they were a South American insect or something but I read your profile and you said they can be found in both the North Island and South Island. I’ve never seen one. Maybe I need to keep a look out for one. Have you seen one before?

    You are right, they look big but in the grand scheme of things they are awfully small aren’t they. They almost look like a hybrid between a stick insect and a ladybug.

    I have a few questions, maybe you know the answers.
    Where else in the world can you find Giraffe Weevils?
    What eats Giraffe Weevils?
    Are there plenty of them or are they a threatened species?
    Do they fly?

    What a fascinating creature. I’m so intrigued. Thank you for sharing your learning with me. I always learn so much from you Swaimah.


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