Bug of the year – Kick Start

Today for the SLJ I did Bug of the year – Kick Start. It was really fun but, a bit hard. We had to research about the bugs around my house and explain what the bug does. I picked 2 popular bugs around my house. Beetles which is really annoying because of it’s sound. Cockroaches because they jump high and they always come to my food. I then made my own bug. I mixed a lady-bug and a butterfly. Please leave a positive comment on my blog. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Bug of the year – Kick Start

  1. Kia Ora Swaimah
    your friend Jamie here! Your slides were very informational and helpful, and your butterfly-ladybug hybrid is very creative of you! Why did you choose a ladybug and a butterfly, is it because they are your favorite insects?

    The activity was a bit hard for me too, I had to research lots, and I mean LOTS because I couldn’t find the info I needed. I look forward to more of your blogs Swaimah, and have a happy new year!!
    Your friend, Jamie

  2. Kia ora Swaimah,

    What an informative blog post. I learnt so much. Can I suggest next time you make the writing in your Google Slides slightly bigger that way it is easier to read.

    The facts about the cockroaches blew my mind. A month without food, a week without its head. That’s crazy. They really are everywhere, they breed like crazy and are so hard to get rid of. The best way to kill a cockroach is to pour boiling hot water on it then flush it down the loo. I also didn’t know cockroaches have been around that long, I can’t picture them going anytime soon considering how many of them there are.

    What an interesting hybrid insect. What inspired the idea? If I was going to make a hybrid insect I think it would have to be a bee and a butterfly because I love bees and think they are so important and because butterflies are beautiful. Maybe people will be less scared by the bee’s if the bee kind of looks like a butterfly.

    Ka pai to mahi Swaimah,

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