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Link to my poem: My Poem postcard

Today for the SLJ I did Poem Postcards – Kick Start. It was EXTREMELY easy. We had to go on a app/website called “Poem Postcards”, then we had to pick a type of poem we would like the AI to write about. I picked Sonnet, and the image I chose to do was 2 womens and a man walking across a field with golden hay or grass. This art piece was made by a wonderful lady called “Anna Ancher”. Then after you pick the type of peom u would like and the image, you go onto what the poem would like to be about. I picked gardening because it matched the art piece and theme. You will then see at the bottom right it says “Write a poem”. Finally your poem with be created.

Link to app/website: Poem Postcards

I made this poem for my relatives in Afghanistan. I chose them because everyday they work hard to grow different types of vegetables and fruits. They try their best to get food to feed the little ones at home and the elder adults. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. My relatives try their best to keep people arounf them healthy and still alive. Each person has a different responsibility with different plants and different roles at home. I would love to share and spread this poem to my loved ones in Afghanistan.

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2 thoughts on “Poem Postcards – Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Swaimah,
    I am Whaea Tanya one of the Manaiakalani Facilitators you might see commenting on the SLJ Blogs, I am finding it fun to see the different ways the tasks are completed.

    Interesting choice of postcard, I know many of us do end up working while on holiday, we went away to a piece of land and spent two days having to clear the trees, that had come down. Your image has a definite summer theme to it and I like the warm yellow the image uses.

    it is a different type of life in Afghanistan and the thing to remember is they are living their best life just as they wish you to and they keep us in their thoughts and prayers too.

    I am glad to see you have tried the Step it Up activity too and are making friends through the SLJ. How many images and types of poems did you try before you picked this one?

    Kia pai tō rā, and keep blogging
    Whaea Tanya
    Ako Hiko Facilitator

  2. Mōrena Swaimah,

    This is such a fun activity as I love poetry and love collecting postcards!! My favourite type of poetry is haikus and tankas, they are old Japanese forms of poetry used to describe emotions and nature. What is your favourite type of poetry?

    I love the art you have chosen, it is such a beautiful painting and I see that you have found some meaning behind it through your dedication of the poem to your family in Afghanistan. I think that it is a powerful tool to be able to communicate messages and feelings through poetry and art.

    It sounds like you are finding a lot of the kick start activities too easy, I am sure you could use your initiative to find ways to challenge yourself within each activity. For example you could complete this AI activity and then try to recreate the art and poem yourself using art tools and your own writing.

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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